19″ Viking Deja Vu Ladies, 26″ Wheel, 3 Speed

First established in Wolverhampton in 1908 the Viking brand has a history, rich in the tradition of top quality road bikes and throughout the century. Quality, style and durability have always been the hallmarks of Viking cycles.

Today”s Vikings embody those core qualities and look to widen the range to suit the ever increasing demands of changing lifestyles. For 2011 the range includes: Road, Trekking, Comfort, Tandems, Urban Sport and City Folders. No longer produced in Wolverhampton, each model now utilizes the technical developments of today”s manufacturing processes and lightweight tubing.

19″ Viking DEJA VU Ladies, 26″ Wheel, 3 Speed

The Deja Vu, as the name suggests, might be something you seem to be familiar with, borrowing a little tradition from Dutch bikes and little from tradition from British bikes. The Deja Vu combines the traditional features of three speed sturmey archer gears, a full chainguard and a front wicker basket, with modern alloy rims and powerful alloy V brakes.
Always a willing partner whether it’s an occasional jaunt to the shops or your daily commute, the Deja Vu comes equipped to meet your needs with full mudguards, alloy kickstand and comfy saddle.

  • 19″ Retro Style Ladies Frame with a Low Step Over Top Tube
  • Hi-Tensile 26″ Fork with Ovalised Blades
  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Internal Gears with Rotary Shifter
  • Single Chainset with Fully Enclosed Chainguard
  • Viking 26″ Alloy Rims
  • 3 Speed Internal Gear Rear Hub
  • 26″ All Black Trekking Tyres
  • Alloy