Jagwire Pro Shift Kit 2018

Jagwire Pro Shift Kit 2018

Pro Shift gear cable kit from Jagwire. Pro level polished cables and Slick-Lube liners increase precision and durability. A performance enhancement above standard OEM cables and housing.

Key Features:

  • STS-PS Pro Polished
  • Slick Stainless Inner Cables
  • LEX-SL Slick Lube Lined Outer Casing

Kit also includes:

  • 2x 5G Tube Tops               
  • 2x Rotating Hooks           
  • 2x Cable Tips                   
  • 6x Cable Donuts             
  • 2x Hooded End Caps       
  • 3x Sealed End Caps         
  • 6x Lines End Caps

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