Polisport S-Mud Short Mudguard Rear Saddle Fit

Polisport S-Mud Short Mudguard Rear Saddle Fit

S-Mud is a rear mudguard that applies on the saddle rails. Its placement and removal is extremely simple and will not take more than a few seconds. With a clean design, its aesthetics fuses with the aesthetics of the bike, its protection function is fulfilled and the cyclist hardly even notices that the mudguard is applied.

Offers mud and spray protection for all bicycles and all styles of riding. 
The product main innovation is the user-friendly characteristic without any functional loss. It allows the cyclist to remove the mudguard for dry conditions or safer transport avoiding damages. The user-friendly concept allows to clip and unclip instantly in booth long and short versions.

• USER-FRIENDLY SYSTEM – No tools required to clip or unclip 
• Compatible with ø7 mm saddle rails 
• 1-point height adjustable

Fits 26” to 29” wheels 
Compatible with 7 mm saddle rail 
Section Dimension: 75 mm 
Total Dimension: 350 mm 
Weight: 54 g / 0,12 lb

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