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Box Two M30 P 30mm Crankset Black


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Box Two M30 P Crankset 30mm Black 175mm

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The Vector M30-P cranks have a super-stiff, cold-forged, 30mm, 7075 aluminium alloy, Praxis M30 spindle that fits frames with European bottom brackets, paired with the oversize hollow-forged arms and 104 BCD spider.

The M30-Ps include a Praxis external, BSA bottom bracket that fits frames with European bottom bracket shells. Compatible Praxis BB86/92 and BB30/PF30 bottom brackets are sold separately and available though Praxis and its dealers.

An independent test lab compared a wide range of cranks to the Vector M30-P cranks and proved to be stiffer than anything on the market.

“At BOX, we believe the Vector M35s with the Praxis, M35, 35-millimeter spindle is the way to go for any serious BMX racer, and we try to push anyone in that direction. But we recognize that not everyone has a BB30/PF30 frame, so we developed the M30-Ps. While the M35 Vectors are the ultimate BMX race crank, the M30-Ps are still stiffer than anything else out there,” said Michael Gamstetter, BOX’s design director.

The M30-Ps come in matt black with laser-etched graphics.


NOTE: DO NOT USE pedal washers on Vector cranks.  Using pedal washers on Vector cranks can cause insufficient pedal thread insertion on certain pedals, resulting in damage to the crank.


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