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Coyote Origin 700c Wheel 18 Speed Urban City Bike


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Introducing from Coyote Bikes their Origin Gents Urban City Bike! The Origin, is an affordable and reliable bicycle that is more than capable for everyday riding. This bike is built upon a durable steel hybrid frame and equipped with a 700c wheelset. The 700c wheelset is a lightweight, nimble, wheelset that offers less drag compared to mountain bikes – ideal for those cyclists who find prefer, or find they cycle on smoother terrain more often than not. The Origin is fitted the trekking tyres, they offer plenty of grip on the road and on the canal path. The bike is easy to maintain with thanks its v-brakes, and they provide plenty of stopping performance for most everyday leisure cyclists. You even get an 18-speed full Shimano drivetrain, 3 front and x6 rear gears thus offering plenty of assistance to climb hills to powering and maintaining speed on the flats.

Key Features

  • Equipped with 18 speed Shimano gearing to minimise the impact of steep hills.
  • Trekking tyres enables off road riding and rough terrain.
  • V-Brakes provide rapid stopping power in all terrain.
  • Hybrid specific saddle provide extra comfort.
  • Shimano’s twist grip shifters make shifting between gears simpler.
  • Alloy rims add style and reduce weight.
  • Steel Lo-Rise handlebars helps improve rider visibility


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