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Sigma RC 14.11 Heart Rate Monitor


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Bluetooth EnabledNo
ANT+ CompatibleNo
Cadence CompatibleNo
Heart Rate Monitor CompatibleYes (Included)
Battery TypeCR2032


Ambitious runners can store up to 99 laps with the RC 14.11. The individual training laps can be evaluated using the Easy LapView function on the watch or, thanks to the 90 h LOG capacity, on the PC. In addition to detailed lap values, runners also receive the essential information from a running computer: speed, distance, heart rate – all measured using the R3 Confortex+. The docking station for the data transfer to the PC/ Mac and the Sigma Data Center software are included.


Speed + Distance
The RC 14.11 measures speed in min/mi or mph. The R3 transmitter with an integrated accelerometer measures speed, distance and heart rate.

Heart rate
For heart rate based training, select from three different training zones within the settings menu. Both an audible and/or visual zone alarm indicate whether you are training within the desired heart rate zone. Simply modify intensity to maintain the appropriate heart rate.

Easy Lap View
In addition to the intervals, the following values are also stored

  • Lap time
  • Lap distance
  • Average speed/pace
  • Max. speed/pace
  • Time since start
  • Distance since start
  • Average heart rate
  • Max heart rate
  • Calories

Training analysis with Data Center
All RC 14.11 training data can be viewed and then manually entered into the DATA CENTER software. (also compatible with the USB docking station)

Low battery indicator
The RC 14.11 will display a notification if either the watch or R3 transmitter battery is low.


R3 transmitter
The R3 transmitter enables you to measure your speed, distance and heart rate in a single device – All in One.

All in One
Speed, distance & heart rate. The R3 transmitter uses an integrated three‑axis acceleration sensor to measure acceleration throughout the run and accurately measure speed and distance. The COMFORTEX+ also records an ECG-accurate heart rate measurement. The running computer combines three functions in one device: speed, distance and heart rate. And there are no extra accessories.

Using the Sigma STS Run wireless technology, digitally coded data packets are flawlessly sent to the receiver within the running computer, guaranteeing a secure and error-free transfer of data. Before you begin running, a pairing process is necessary between the R3 transmitter and running computer. The R3 transmitter generates a random ID to connect with the running computer. This unique ID ensures that the R3 transmitter only communicates with your running computer throughout the training session. During the pairing process, it is important that you are not near other transmitters. Once the pairing process is completed, the training data is accurately transmitted, even if running in a group.


Other features
  • Battery compartment
  • DATA CENTER software incl.
  • Docking station
  • Low battery indicator (transmitter)
  • Low battery indicator (watch)
  • Maximum logging time in h: 90
  • Maximum number of stored laps per unit: 99
  • Number of training sessions: 1
  • R3 COMFORT+ chest belt incl.
  • Watertight
Digitally encoded
  • Digitally coded wireless transmission STS RUN (Heart rate, speed, distance)
Basic functions
  • 5 languages (DE, GB, FR, IT, ES)
  • Backlight display
  • Button tone on/off
  • Clock
  • Date
  • ECG-accurate
Training display
  • Average heart rate
  • Average speed
  • Calorie counter
  • Clock
  • Current speed
  • Current/Average speed comparison
  • Distance
  • Heart rate
  • Lap counter: 99
  • Lap distance
  • Lap time
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Maximum speed
  • Remaining LOG time
  • Stopwatch
  • Total calories
  • Total distance
  • Total training time
  • Zone indicator
Training functions
  • Audible zone alarm
  • Automatic training zones (Fit or Fat)
  • Calculation of maximum heart rate
  • Manually programmable zones
  • Target zones can be changed while training
Lap memory
  • Average heart rate per lap
  • Average speed per lap
  • BestLap Indikation
  • Calories per lap
  • Distance per lap
  • Distance since start
  • Maximum heart rate per lap
  • Maximum speed per lap
  • Minimum heart rate per lap
  • Time per lap
  • Time since start
  • Training time within target zone per lap