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Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS Equipped Cycle Computer


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Quick Overview




The new ROX 10.0 GPS is the first SIGMA SPORT bike computer with GPS. With its ANT+ compatibility, GPS receiver, and route navigation, it impresses as a bike computer with that extra something.

Thanks to its five navigation functions, nine bike, nine heart rate, eight performance, and five altitude measuring functions, as well as several other func- tions, the ROX 10.0 GPS is the perfect companion for any professional athlete in training. The PC interface and comprehensive DATA CENTER 3 evaluation and planning modules with map connection provide everything users could need when it comes to analyzing and planning training and trips.

Bike functions

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Current vs. average speed comparison
  • Distance
  • Current expansion**
  • Average expansion**
  • Current cadence**
  • Average cadence**
  • Maximum cadence**

Heart rate functions

  • Current heart rate**
  • Average heart rate**
  • Maximum heart rate**
  • HR as a % of HR max**
  • Average % of HR max**
  • Kcal**
  • One target zone**
  • Four intensity zones**
  • Automatic calculation of the intensity/ target and HR zone(s)**

Four intensity zones

The ROX 10.0 GPS features 4 intensity zones and will show riders how much training time was spend in each zone. Choose the pre-programmed intensity zones or create your own training specific zones. The default settings for the intensity zones are based on the abbreviations BE1, BE1/2, BE2 (development zone) and CE (peak performance zone).

BE1: Basic endurance 1, 60 – 70 % of the HR max
BE1/2: Basic endurance 1/2, 70 – 80 % of the HR max
BE2: Basic endurance 2, 80 – 90 % of the HR max
CE: Competition endurance, 90 – 100 % of the HR max

Target zone

A defined heart rate range in which the rider should train. Riders can choose between the customized zone, the fitness zone, or the fat burn zone, or choose to disable this function. The device indicates in graph format and audibly if the rider leaves the zone..

Time functions

  • Training time
  • Trip time
  • Time (12/24 h)
  • Date
  • Countdown timer
  • Stopwatch

Power functions

  • Current power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • Three-second average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • 30-second average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • Average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • Maximum power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • Work in kJ (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • Current power in watt/kg (Formula /ANT+)**/***
  • One power target zone (Formula /ANT+)**/***

Compatibility with ANT+ power meters

In addition to the tried-and-tested integrated power calculation of the ROX Series, all power meters using ANT+ transmission technology can be coupled to the ROX 10.0 GPS.

Power target zone

Define the upper and lower thresholds in watts. Once defined, the device indicates in graph format and audibly if the user leaves the zone.

Temperature functions

  • Current temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Maximum temperature

Altitude measurement functions

  • Current altitude
  • Gradient (%)
  • Current incline rate
  • Elevation profile for the next 3 mi
  • Elevation profile for the last 3 mi

Uphill functions

  • Altitude gain
  • Maximum altitude
  • Distance uphill
  • Trip time uphill
  • Average speed uphill
  • Maximum rate of ascent
  • Average incline uphill
  • Maximum incline uphill
  • Average expansion uphill**

Downhill functions

  • Altitude loss
  • Distance downhill
  • Trip time downhill
  • Average speed downhill
  • Maximum rate of descent
  • Average slope downhill
  • Maximum slope downhill
  • Average expansion downhill**

Status functions

  • Low battery indicator in %
  • GPS accuracy
  • GPS signal strength

Navigation functions

  • Time to destination
  • Time at destination
  • Distance to destination
  • Direction
  • Mini track navigation for the next 1 mi


The GPS receiver makes it possible to re-travel trips previously loaded via DATA CENTER 3 or stored on the device. Multiple navigation functions such as ‘time to destination’, ‘distance to destination’, ‘off-track alarm’, ‘waypoint alarm’, ‘wrong direction alarm’ and the ‘track view’ simplify navigation.

Favorite functions

  • Favorites A
  • Favorites B

Lap functions

  • Maximum no. of laps (784)
  • Current no. of laps
  • Lap time
  • Time since start
  • Lap distance
  • Distance since start
  • Average speed per lap
  • Maximum speed per lap
  • Average HR per lap
  • Maximum HR per lap
  • Kcal per lap
  • Average cadence per lap**
  • Maximum cadence per lap**
  • Average power per lap**
  • Maximum power per lap**
  • Average altitude per lap
  • Maximum altitude per lap
  • Altitude gain per lap
  • Altitude loss per lap
  • Average ascent per lap
  • Average descent per lap

Lap times

Laps can be evaluated in detail with 20 different functions recorded per lap. If you use the lap counter, a pop-up window opens in which the three to six previously defined functions are displayed.


  • LOG book
  • GPS receiver
  • Low battery indicator-computer
  • 5 available languages
  • Automatic start/stop (Can be switched on/off)
  • Automatic detection of the second or third bike (3)**
  • Backlight
  • Backlight duration configurable
  • Zone alarm can be switched on/off**
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Switchover kmh/mph mode
  • Integrated storage chip for data backup (total and setting values)
  • Battery type – receiver (Rechargeable battery)
  • Battery type – transmitter (CR 2032)
  • 13 h receiver battery life*
  • 1.4 year transmitter battery life*
  • Watertight (IPX7)

Short menu

During a training session, the short menu can be accessed by pressing a two button combination. This can be used to quickly switch between favorites A and B, load a track, make important track settings, define the target zone, switch the auto-pause function on and off, calibrate the altitude, select the bike, or calibrate the digital three-axis compass.

Favorites A+B

Of the 87 functions, up to 10 can be defined at a time in BIKE COMPUTER mode, six in track mode, six in elevation profile mode and six in the lap display.

Total values

  • Total distance for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total trip time for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total kcal for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total altitude gain for multiple bikes (3)
  • Maximum altitude for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total distance uphill for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total trip time uphill for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total altitude loss for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total distance downhill for multiple bikes (3)
  • Total trip time downhill for multiple bikes (3)

Altitude calibration

  • 3 preset start altitudes
  • Calibration using air pressure at sea level
  • Calibration via current altitude
  • IAC+

PC interface

  • PC interface
  • Transmission of the settings to the bike computer
  • Automatic LOG book
  • Memory capacity of approx. 249 hours
  • Programmable recording interval (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 s)
  • Rest time calculation for selected memory interval
  • Waypoints
  • Transmission of the trip values to the PC
  • Transmission of the total values to the PC


The ROX 10.0 GPS stores all data with recording intervals as short as one second. The recording intervals can also be increased if such frequent saving is not required (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 sec). The position, altitude, speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, time, temperature, incline, and power are all saved.

DATA CENTER 3 Functions

  • Individual memory evaluation
  • Comparison of 2 individual memories
  • Summary of total values
  • Device settings via PC
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Calendar function
  • Displaying the trip cycled in graph format
  • Displaying the speed, cadence, heart rate, and temperature in graph format
  • Comparison of two LOGs
  • Distribution of the heart rate zones
  • Intensity zone distribution
  • Start altitude correction available
  • Sub-area evaluation
  • Print all evaluations
  • Note function
  • Deletion of LOG sections/parts of the LOG

Training analysis with DATA CENTER 3

Before setting off on a ride, the DATA CENTER 3 can be used to create a track which can be transmitted to the ROX 10.0 GPS. After training, the device can be read and analyzed on a Mac or PC. DATA CENTER 3 can be used to transfer GPS data and conduct comprehensive statistical and graph-based evaluation of all the recorded data. 

* With high quality batteries and 1 hour use per day or 4536 mi year at 12.43 mph average speed (batteries available from SIGMA SPORT®)

** optional with ROX 10.0 GPS without transmitter

*** The ROX® 10.0 comes with two options for displaying the power.


Brand Sigma
Unit Of Sale EACH
Speed Current / Average / Max Speed / Cur-Avg Comparison
Distance Trip / Datacentre Info
Cadence Current / Average / Max
Time Functions Clock / Trip / Countdown / Stopwatch / Date
Heart Rate Functions Current / Average / Max / HR as % / Avg % of HR / Kcal / Zones
Temperature Functions Current Min Max
Altitude Measurement Functions Current / Gain / Max / Loss / Grad % / Avg Max Incline / Dist Up Downhill
Lap Functions 784 / No of Laps / Time / Dist Dist Since Start / Avg Max Speed / Avg Max HR / Kcal / Avg Max Cad* / Avg Max Power / Alt Gain Loss Max / Avg Asc Desc
Power Functions Current / 3Sec / 30sec / Avg Max / Watt PKg / Power Zone
Low Battery Indicator Computer
Automatic Bike Detection No 3*
Back Light Yes Configurable
Battery Type Head Rechargeable
Battery Type Transmitter CR 2032
Watertight Yes (IPX7)
Navigation Functions Time To / Time At / Dist To / Direction / 1mile Map
Additional All Sigma Computers are Compatible with Fast Setting Box and Datacentre. Sigma computers are Tool Free fitting. Option of Handlebar or Stem Mount
Power Current / Average expansion (Calc & Device)