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WTB ST TCS 29 Inch MTB Rim 32 H


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WTB ST TCS 29 Inch MTB Rim

WTB’s Asym aluminium rims have an asymmetric rim profile so that the spoke tension is evenly distributed, which also greatly speeds up wheel construction. By using WTB’s proprietary WT69 aluminum alloy and a rim profile with hollow chamber, the weight is kept low. The rim also comes with eyeleted spoke holes. All Asym rims are also equipped with a TCS rim flange. This makes them UST Tubeless compatible.

TCS rims represent a combination of the best – UST compliant rim bead profiles are designed to better hold tires on the rim, while the rim tape/seal system saves crucial weight. Build them up with your favorite hubs and spokes to create a dream wheelset that can be easily serviced at any bike shop.

WT69 Alloy
WT69 alloy is 20% stronger than 6000-alloy aluminum, yet strong enough to be extruded into lighter rims. And they’re even stronger and stiffer than the heavier models from the competition.

An angled inner rim profile that allows the bead of the tire to move easily and smoothly in place during mounting and inflation.

Scope of delivery: Rim without rim tape!


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