Tern Luggage Truss CMT

The Luggage Truss CMT lets you mount cargo on the bike frame instead of the front fork, for improved steering … Readmore

Tern BYB Pack Rack

The Pack Rack mounts directly on the bike frame instead of the front fork, so you can strap your bag … Readmore

Tern HQ Office Bag

The HQ Bag is a slim office bag designed to fit all your daily essentials and to work brilliantly on … Readmore

Tern GSD Seat Pad

The GSD lets you bring one adult passenger along for the ride. The Sidekick Seat Pad lets that passenger ride in comfort. … Readmore

Tern GSD Batten Straps 25mm x 3m (x2)

Forget about calling a U-haul and use the Batten Straps to secure any and all cargo to the GSD. Daisy-chained together … Readmore

Tern Rapid Tranist Rack Large

The Rapid Transit Rack makes it easy to ride to work every day, by solving the biggest hassle with folding … Readmore

Tern Flight Suit (Protective Covers)

The Tern FlightSuit lets you pack your 20” or 24” Tern bike into a standard sized suitcase for safe travel. … Readmore

Tern GSD Sidekick Handle

Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for GSD passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the … Readmore

Tern GSD Sidekick Foot Pegs

The Sidekick Foot Pegs are retractable foot supports for a rear passenger on the GSD. They tuck into the frame when … Readmore