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Pivot – Bike – Point 26 – SS – Mojave


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Pivot – Bike – Point 26 – SS – Mojave



The Fulcrum of Radness
With guns-of-literal-steel, the Point reigns supreme over jump lines, urban bowls and pump tracks. From pump track groms to the jaw dropping gymnastics of the pros, riders around the globe crave the ultimate beauty and time-tested feel of double-butted 4130 chromoly steel. Ultra-modern dirt jump geometry manuals on command and takes flight effortlessly. This is the Pivot Point; the fulcrum of radness. Whether singlespeed or geared, the Point is the wherever, whenever complete bicycle for every rider.

Framed For Life
In the case of a contemporary, carefully crafted dirt jump bike, simplicity is something to aspire to. We selected the ideal material for the Point – steel; it has a magic feel and is incredibly tough. The rear dropout offers tons of adjustability, and mates to super-short, tucked-in chainstays that emphasize sharp handling and snappy acceleration. A nice long reach adds stability to the “pop” and the Point’s tapered headtube easily withstands the rigors of dirt jump life.

Universal Language
If there’s a single unifying phrase that all dirt riders can understand, it is “dirt jump”. Our global network of bike shops and riders may not always share the same words, or the same skill levels, but we speak the same moves: whip, bar spin, tabletop, 360, superman, backflip… Beyond the design and execution of the Point, we love this bike for its ability to bring people together, whether on the world’s highest competitive stages, or just unwinding with friends. From Phoenix to Paris, Sydney to Guadalajara, and Squamish to L.A., the Point reminds us we all love to ride.

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