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Tru-Tension E-Bike Tungsten All Weather 50ml (x1)


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Tru-Tension E-Bike Tungsten All Weather 50ml (x1)

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The first Tungsten infused E-Bike lubricants, bringing space grade lubrication to the cycling industry! All weather durability, silky smooth running, no noise and extensive endurance. A minor alteration from our world renowned Tungsten All Weather Lube to cope with higher torque levels from E-Bikes.


Tungsten as a friction modifier is superior to Ceramics, Teflon and PTFE, making it super fast while also significantly reducing wear. Our patent pending formulation is wax based, water resistant, completely dry and 100% biodegradable.


Tungsten smooths out imperfections in the chain surface to significantly reduce wear.

Super fast – Perfect for any riding conditions

Dual viscosity – thin when applied for pin penetration

Sets within 5-10 mins for instant riding

Keeps your chain exceptionally clean

Completely dry – dirt doesn’t stick

Repels moisture for wet riding

Easy to clean




  • Improve Performance
  • Prolong Cassette Life
  • Increase Chain Life
  • Less Dirt Build Up
  • Smoother Ride

How to use


  • Step 1: Degrease chain, chain ring and cassette thoroughly.


  • Step 2: Shake bottle well before application.


  • Step 3: Apply lubricant evenly to all parts of the chain.


  • Step 4: Allow to dry for 5 – 10 minutes before riding.


  • Step 5: Apply as needed for continuous lubrication.


Important: Avoid contact with braking components. Keep out of reach of children.

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