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Tru-Tension E-Bike Tungsten Bundle


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Tru-Tension E-Bike Tungsten Bundle



A brilliant premium cleaning and lubricating bundle for any e-road bike or e-mountain bike.


Our Tungsten lubricant is proven to significantly reduce the wear on drivetrains compared to any other drip lubricants on the market.


Upgrade any cycling toolbox with this premium 4 piece Tungsten Bundle. Perfect for any rider from seasoned riders to new cyclists and racers alike.


Combining the world first and patent-pending Tungsten lubricants with state of the art cleaning products provide every biker with the perfect platform to clean, protect and lubricate your bike. Designed applications specifically for E-Bikes




1 x E-Bike Snow Foam

1 x Muck Monkey Chain Brush

1 x E-Bike Tungsten All Weather Chain Lubricant

1 x E-Bike Drivetrain Cleaner

1 x Tru-Tension Presentation Box

Revolutionary cycle technology to clean, protect and effectively lubricate any road or mountain E-Bike.


Revolutionary cycle technology to clean, protect and effectively lubricate any road bike, mountain bike or e-bike.


How to use your Tungsten Bundle


  • Step 1: Spray bike with Monkey Juice and rinse away grime.
  • Step 2: Blast away dirt on your drivetrain with Drivetrain Cleaner
  • Step 3: Apply a fresh coat of Tungsten Lubricant – Shake well before use
  • Step 4: Allow to dry for 5 minutes before riding.
  • Step 5: Apply as needed for continuous lubrication and protect.

Important: Avoid contact with braking components. Keep out of reach of children.

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